RTI DiscChek Eco-Smart - Reconditioned

  • 2,39500
  • Save $1,35500

RTI DiscChek Eco-Smart Disc Repair Unit
Reconditioned to New, Dealer Certified
Includes 6 Month Warranty


It’s Whisper Quiet, Fast and Very Easy to Use!

  • The new and improved version of the popular Eco-Junior.
  • Not just a buffer...but a full service machine to both clean and repair all of your discs!
  • Patented micro-abrasive pads provide the highest quality finish of any machine.
  • Wet process removes even deep scratches quickly. The label side stays dry.
  • No hand finishing of discs required. Disc is perfectly restored clean and dry right out of the machine.
  • Fixes most discs in 2 minutes or less.
  • Simple color-coded selection of repair stage. Magnetic pad holders for quick loading.
  • Microprocessor controls all functions — and optimizes pad pressure, speed and duration.
  • Door opens automatically after each repair stage.
  • Repairs all Game Discs, CDs, and DVDs — even double-sided discs.

This Unit is Only Available For Shipping to Continental USA, Canada & Mexico

Discmagic, LLC. Is a Factory Authorized Master Distributor of RTI ECO/ELM Products

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