New RTI Roboto II (Disc-Go-Roboto)

New RTI Roboto II (Disc-Go-Roboto)

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RTI Roboto II, Successor to the Disc-Go-Tech Disc-Go-Roboto
Brand New Unit, Includes Factory Warranty and a Starter Consumables Kit.

The Ultimate Repair Platform

The Future of Disc Repair Now! - The DISC-GO-ROBOTO is the most advanced, fully automated disc repair system on the market. We offer you the opportunity to repair and return a large volume of discs into your inventory instantly with the quiet, simple and easy to use DISC-GO-ROBOTO. No other machine has the capability to increase your disc repair output to 500 discs per day and reduce labor at the same time, producing clean, dry discs with no spots as a result, eliminating the final stage of wiping. DISC-GO-ROBOTO saves you time and money.

Our solutions do not just buff or polish the discs but actually resurface them resulting in a 96% success rate in repairs on even the most damaged discs. The DISC-GO-ROBOTO is a secure investment and will fulfill your need to repair you inventory as well as offer disc repair service to your customers.


Fully Automated: Repairs up to 100 discs per batch
Space Saving: Only the size of a desktop printer
Simple to Use: One-touch operation, with specific   repairs cycles to optimize repair process
Blu-Ray Compatible: Able to repair all disc formats,   including Blu-ray 
Whisper Quiet: Perfect for front-of-store or  library use! 
No Mess: Uses cartridge-based supplies and  has self-cleaning function
HydraShine Technology: Ensures clean  repairs every time

The DISC-Go-RoBoTo is the “Ultimate Disc  Repair Platform”. This cutting-edge system will  power through your stacks of scratched discs  automatically – up to 100 discs per session (and 500  per day) leaving you free to focus on other things. The  discs will be repaired to the highest standards on the  market, and utilizing “HydraShine” technology will  come out of the machine spotless! Reward yourself with this groundbreaking machine and  leap to the forefront of the disc repair industry.


Discmagic, LLC. Is a Factory Authorized Master Distributor of RTI ECO/ELM Products
Discmagic, LLC. Is a Factory Authorized Distributor of Disc-Go-Tech Products

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