New RTI DiscChek Eco-Master

New RTI DiscChek Eco-Master

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New - RTI Eco Master Fully Automatic Disc Repair Unit
Brand New Unit Includes Starter Supply Kit and 6-Month Manufacturer Warranty

Introducing the ECO-Master from DiscChek. The newest and most-automated wet repair and maintenance system for optical discs. Simply place up to 50 discs on the input spindle and press Start. The ECO-Master restores even deeply scratched discs to like-new condition quickly and neatly. Other disc repair systems round the edges of discs but our exclusive Flat Polishing Technology assures that your DVDs and other high-density discs will play perfectly…even after multiple repairs! And you can use the E-M in the Maintenance Mode to keep your disc collection in perfect condition without making a repair. A sophisticated water filtration and recirculation system means no hoses or drains are required. The automatic disc repair turntable tilts up for easy pad replacement and the cost per disc repaired is extremely low. This is truly the easiest to use, most thorough and economical disc repair and maintenance system ever offered.

Completely restores CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Game Discs without operator intervention
Quick and easy — load up to 50 discs and push a button to start
Wet process removes even deep scratches quickly
Exclusive flat polishing technology means DVDs can be safely rejuvenated
Simple LCD touch panel selection of disc type and scratch repair routine
Microprocessor control of all operating functions
Up to 5 disc repair sequences automatically occur depending upon repair setting
Neat, clean and operator friendly
Ideal for video rental stores, libraries, disc resellers, disc repair services
Improve disc quality. Increase profits

Dimensions: 13" x 12-1/4" 40-1/4"
Weight: 110 lbs. (51.4 Kg.)
Power: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz., 250 Watts
240 V. AC, 50 Hz optional.


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