NEW RTI DGT Disc-Go-Devil

NEW RTI DGT Disc-Go-Devil

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RTI Disc-Go-Devil, Successor to the Disc-Go-Tech Disc-Go-Devil
Brand New Unit, Includes Factory Warranty and a Starter Consumables Kit.

One wickedly good machine!

 The performance technology of the DISC-GO-DEVIL features robust disc repair in a compact package. The DEVIL can repair up to 150 discs per day and is quickly becoming an industry favorite!

The DEVIL is one of DISC-GO-TECH's easiest to use machines, requiring no clamping knobs or adjustments and a completely digital interface. Through the digital display, the user can customize repair timing cycles based on specific disc repair needs. The history function allows users to see the total number of discs repaired per session of use or over the lifetime of the machine. This will help you not only track the DEVIL's performance, but help you manage its maintenance as well. With consumables that are both long lasting and easy to use, the repair and maintenance of the DEVIL is quick and easy.

Repairing a disc with the DEVIL is child's play. Just simply open the lid, place the disc label side down, close the lid, and then pick the repair cycle you want and press start - it's that easy! It's almost a sin!

 Key benefits:
• High Output: Repairs up to 160 discs per day
• Space Saving: Small desktop footprint, and easily portable
• No Mess: Uses bottle-based supplies (no pouring polish onto the disc) and has self-cleaning function
• Blu-Ray Compatible: Able to repair all disc formats, including Blu-ray
• Simple To Use: One-touch operation
• Cost Effective: Affordable purchase price and low operating cost

Discmagic, LLC. Is a Factory Authorized Master Distributor of RTI ECO/ELM Products
Discmagic, LLC. Is a Factory Authorized Distributor of Disc-Go-Tech Products

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