2x Discmagic Premium WF750 Polishing Buffing Sanding Pads

2x Discmagic Premium WF750 Polishing Buffing Sanding Pads

  • 999
  • Save $1000

 Discmagic, a leader in micro-abrasive industry, has developed another product that outperforms, outlasts and is more cost effective then its predecessor. Our newly formulated WF750 Buffing Pad, is the only aftermarket choice for professionals looking to take commercial disc repair to a whole new level of performance, while keeping costs below the competition. Our New WF750 Buffing Pads will outperform your OEM supplies, the new fomulation gives higher Pad endurance, as well as more cutting power, leading to longer and more productive performance. Discmagic, delivering innovative solutions throughout the commercial disk repair industry.


Discmagic Premium Advanced Micro-Abrasives are Nano-Particle Free, and adhere to the highest quality standards for safety, for both you and your unit.


Specifically Designed for use in:
JFJ Easy Pro *
JFJ Easy Pro Plus *
JFJ Single Arm *
JFJ Double Arm *
JFJ Armless *

*JFJ Brands and logos are property of their respective owners. *Discmagic premium aftermarket products are not supported or endorsed by JFJ in any way. And should not be confused or associated with any original OEM products made by the manufacturer.

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